Chefmaster Neon Food Coloring, 6-Pack Neon Food Colors in Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange & Pink, 0.70 oz. Neon Food Coloring Gel Kit for Decorating, DIY Crafts & More

Chefmaster, the biggest and most trusted manufacturer of food coloring products in the United States, gives you high-quality & dependable neon food coloring drops that are formulated to deliver vivid colors! The 6-Pack Neon Food Color Drops from Chefmaster are incredibly easy to use. This vivid fluorescent food coloring kit is the perfect tool to have in the kitchen for all your decorating needs! Use them to create beautifully colored frostings, icings, batters, and more! You can even use the neon food coloring pack from Chefmaster for your craft projects - from making gooey slime to stunning bath bombs! ✔︎ Our neon food coloring liqua gel kit comes with 6 easy to use food coloring drops in Brite Yellow, Brite Green, Brite Blue, Brite Purple, Brite Orange & Brite Pink ✔︎ Each neon food coloring drops come with .70 oz of product ✔︎ The bright food coloring drops from Chefmaster is made using GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and FDA-Approved ingredients ✔︎ This gel food coloring set is proudly made in the United States Create stunning and delicious treats for your entire family by purchasing the neon food coloring set from Chefmaster and California Home Goods today. Add to your cart now!

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