Cast Iron Bread: A Baker’s Dozen Primer (Volume 1)

Is it a baker’s dozen or a baker does Zen? The author has no need for no-knead bread; because, his experience with it leads him to conclude that there is only so much water one can add to dough before it becomes truly unruly and does not produce a well risen loaf. Adding just the right amount of water is the point he makes in this book. For that, there is a bit of kneading. But not enough to require a body-builder’s biceps. A home baker since his early teens, the author offers his interpretation of a low-knead, long-rise bread recipe encompassing 13 loaves with flavor, texture and color. Grab a measuring cup and let’s make bread on your schedule. All photos are actual loaves of bread the author created while writing this book. You’ll need your own sourdough starter for 3 of the loaves.

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