Breadmaking: Self-Sufficiency (The Self-Sufficiency Series)

Making your own bread at home from scratch is such a simple pleasure, and an increasingly rare one. It also makes a perfect, rewarding introduction for anyone looking to become a bit more self-sufficient in their daily life. Breadmaking can be therapeutic, expressive, and of course delicious, and it requires only the most basic culinary skills.While the heavenly smell filling your home may well be reward enough, it’s just as important that the final product tastes great, too. In this new addition to the Self-Sufficiency series, food writer and culinary stylist Kathryn Hawkins covers the basic steps to get you started, including essential equipment and simple breadmaking techniques. Also included are 40 tasty bread recipes, from plain white to whole wheat loaves, sourdough to French baguettes, as well as recipes for flavored bread and international fare from every corner of the globe, including brioche, pita bread, naan, stolen, and soda bread.The charming artwork, simple instructions, and informative writing make Breadmaking an invaluable guide for anyone who’s always wanted to make warm, delicious bread in their own home while becoming a little less reliant on processed, pre-packaged food. Get started today, and get ready to enjoy a lifetime of hot, fresh bread straight from your own oven.

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