Bread Machine Recipes: Hot and Fresh Bread Machine Recipes Anyone Can Make in the Comfort of Their Own Home (The Essential Kitchen Series) (Volume 82)

Bread Machine Recipes The Essential Kitchen Series, Book 82 Hot and Fresh Bread Machine Recipes Anyone Can Make in the Comfort of Their Own Home These are bread recipes like our grandmothers made, but now it’s so much easier with the help of a bread-making machine. Simply add lots of delicious ingredients in the machine, set the timer and away it goes. As the aroma fills your home, a rush of memories will fill your mind and tempt your tongue. These recipes are easy to follow and will not have you tiptoeing across the kitchen floor for fear of having the bread fall or crossing your fingers for a scrumptious result…these recipes deliver in ease and flavor. An Incredible Assortment of Unique Recipes Here’s a small sample of what’s included in this remarkable guide: Bread Machine Bread Bread Machine Pizza Dough Bread Machine Sweet Dinner Rolls Soon you’ll learn that any number of tasty combinations are possible. Once you’ve mastered the recipes contained in this easy-to-follow cookbook, you’ll astound your family and friends with your own concoctions. There is literally no way to go wrong with this type of baking. Sweet, Delicious, and Ready in Minutes There truly are few things in life that are as easily done as first thought. That is not the case with baking bread in any number of bread-making machines. Inside this unusually simple guide, you’ll learn how to make tasty loafs, dinner rolls bursting with yummy goodness, pizza delights, and much, much more… Learn what thousands have already discovered: there is an easy, fast way to impress your family with a quick, delicious pastry without all the mess and fuss. Serve it right from the pan it was cooked in. They’re delicious on their own or truly astounding when covered with whipped butter, honey, or drizzled with frosting. Adopt the idea of ‘I can do it’ and buy this cookbook today! You'll have absolutely no regrets, but will be thrilled with the comments these recipes will elicit from your loved ones. When you purchase today, you will also get access to a special free gift from The Essential Kitchen Series ($97 Value).

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