Bread Knife: Best Serrated Knife – Tomato Slicer – Serrated Ceramic Knife Blade Never Needs Sharpening: Kitchen Knife Set Includes Premium Slicing Knife with Sheath and Luxury Magnetic Gift Box

THIS SERRATED UTILITY KNIFE WILL BECOME YOUR "GO-TO" KNIFE FOR BREAD, VEGETABLES, FRUIT, AND CHEESE *RAZOR SHARP BLADE constructed of zirconium oxide, a state-of-the-art ceramic that holds an edge years longer than steel *ADVANCED CERAMIC is non-porous and non-reactive so it will not absorb odors, discolor food, or rust *DESIGNED FOR COMFORT, perfectly balanced, and lightweight, yet cuts through fresh produce and other foods with remarkable ease and precision *BONUS safety sheath protects the knife from damage and hands from injury. With the sheath on, the knife can be stored in a drawer *INJECTION MOLDED RESIN handle with no joints to harbor germs and bacteria While most people think of serrated knives as bread knives - and this knife does an EXCELLENT job slicing bread - the 6 inch blade makes it the perfect knife to make thin uniform slices of fruits and vegetables. It also slices both hard and soft cheese nicely. Lifetime Warranty Cestari Kitchen is so confident that our products will delight you that they are backed by a 100%, no questions asked, lifetime warranty. Use and Care Tips *Always use caution when handling sharp objects. *Ideal for cutting fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Do not use to cut through joints or bone. *Due to the nature of ceramic blades, do not attempt cuts that require twisting or bending, such such as filleting *Do not apply force to the side of the blade, as you would to crush garlic. *Always use with a plastic or wood cutting board. Do not use on marble, stone, glass, ceramic or tile. Avoid dropping or scraping on hard surface. *Top rack, dishwasher safe Do not waste another minute struggling with dull knives - order this knife today!

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