Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set, For Cheese or Chocolate, Tapas, 200 mL Black, Pro Collection

Tapas Fondue Black 200mLIn the mood for a romantic night in? This tapas fondue set is the perfect solution. Melt cheese in the microwave and pair it with bread, vegetables, or cured meats. The candlelight provides just the right amount of heat to keep your food warm and the romance in the air.- FONDUE FUN: Works for both cheese and chocolate- MICROWAVE SAFE: Melted cheese or chocolate in a flash - no stove needed- SIMPLE & ELEGANT: Heated by a candle - no lighter fluid, no cordsCheese Fondue: A Grand Swiss TraditionThe word fondue is a form of the French verb fondre (“to melt”). It’s a dish that’s gaining more and more popularity - because who doesn’t love dipping bread and other garnishes into fresh, hot cheese? The most classic Swiss fondue recipe is made with cheeses such as Gruyere, Vacherin and Emmentaler. However, cheese fondue comes in many varieties. The ready made versions found in the supermarkets are usually a fine starting point to invent your own creations.MaintenanceThe fondue pot is microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe. The oak wood base is best cleaned by hand. A monthly rub of mineral oil will keep the wood looking great.Contents- 200 mL stoneware fondue pot- Wooden base- 2 stainless steel fondue forks with wooden handles- 1 tea lightAbout Boska Holland CheesewaresWe love cheese! Since 1896, here at Boska, it’s been our mission to spread the love of cheese to everyone everywhere. Our innovative family-owned company started as a blacksmith making tools for the cheese farmers in Holland, and now we are the world’s only specialist in Cheesewares: cheese tools and accessories. In short: we sell everything you need to enjoy cheese except the cheese itself!

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