Bluedrop Toaster Bags Reusable Sandwich Bags For Grill Cheese Bread Slice Toast Baking Pockets 9-Pack 2 Colors

About Bluedrop Bluedrop is a leading brand specialized to provide high quality silicone, PTFE products and Non stick solutions for food applications with high reputations from worldwide customers, we manufacture toaster bags for many years, Custom made or labeling toaster bags and packing for global customers as well. Description Made of high quality fiberglass coated food grade PTFE on both sides and sealed 3 edges, safety for food baking Easy to clean 1. Wipe toaster bag with a damp, soft sponge, then rinse with clean water. 2.Shake the bag to remove excess water and dry in open air or warm (200°C) oven for two minutes. 3.A mild soap or solution may be used if needed.

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