Best-Loved Recipes 3 Books in 1: Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, & Squash

This amazing collection of three cookbooks in one is packed with an incredible variety of irresistible vegetable recipes. If you think vegetables are just for side dishes, think again! Pumpkin is now a perennial favorite, but do not save it just for the holidays. Try pumpkin for breakfast in pancakes, waffles, muffins or scones, or discover the savory side of pumpkin in hearty soups, chilies and pasta. The dessert possibilities are endless, from cookies and cakes to pudding and pies. Leave some room on the table for sweet potatoes--they are just as versatile as the beloved pumpkin. Start the day with sweet potato biscuits, muffins or even juice! Then cook up flavorful soups, stews, casseroles, salads, skillets and sides, all packed with the nutritious and delicious sweet potato. But don't forget dessert, this magical vegetable is great in pies, cakes, custard and so much more. Expand your vegetable horizons even further by exploring the wonderful world of squash, you can add both color and flavor to your meals year round. Showcase tender summer squash in gratins, frittatas, soups and stirfry. Simmer, saute and roast butternut and acorn squash in stews, risottos, curries and casseroles. And enjoy the surprising spaghetti squash with everything from Asian flavors to classic Italian pasta sauces. Whether you're a meat lover or a vegetarian, you will find the perfect squash recipe for any meal.

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