Asian Cookbook: Two Cookbooks in one, Japanese Ramen Cookbook & Korean Cookbook with more than 180 Recipes To cook at home

Are you fascinated by Asian cooking? Would you like to learn to cook all the types of Asian plates?This is a bundle of 2 books in 1 with the following topics inside:BOOK 1: The Korean Cookbook gets you started on this journey with 100+ recipes that explore the wide range of what is available from this unique culture.This kind of food is also very healthy, emphasizing balance and the utilization of all five main tastes: salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.contains:Korean foods and their properties The most popular National Korean DishesDelicious Sides to accompany your Dishes and get the best servingTo complete your meals with Korean Traditional Desserts and DrinksAnd much more...  It also provides a background in the philosophy behind Korean style cooking and some assistance in identifying key ingredients and utensils often used in preparing meals.The variety and uniqueness of Korean food have been rightfully gaining recognition over the last decade; immerse yourself in this emerging cuisine and learn to create a whole new experience of dining.BOOK 2:Ramen is a versatile and easy to make dish that can be done simply or dressed up for more complex flavor. As you move through this book and get used to the recipes you’ll be able to play with ingredients and add aspects from other recipes or your own flair.This book explains :What is Ramen Japanise Cooking and which types of foods usedMore than 100 Authentic Ramen Recipes Step by Step ExplainedSpecial Recipes Low Carb, Low Cal and Gluten Free Ramen includedTasty Side Dishes, Toppings, Flavors & Soups Homemade Noodle Ramen RecipesAnd much more...There are Ramen recipes with very simple ingredients and low commitment. At the same time, more experienced home chefs will be pleasantly surprised at the varying levels of depth and flexibility that can be applied to these recipes.Included in this book, you will find ramen recipes based in different categories. There are recipes for chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian and gluten free ramen, not to mention extra recipes for exciting side dishes and homemade noodle recipes.SCROLL UP AND CLICK "BUY NOW" BUTTON!

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