Apple Blossom Pie: Memories of an Australian Country Kitchen

Kate McGhie is a farmer's daughter, born into seven generations of a family who worked and respected the land. Their farm in rural Victoria produced everything they ate. There were dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats; the vegetable garden was huge; and the potato patch filled two acres with five different varieties. The orchard was shared: the lower third for possums, the top third for birds and the middle section for Kate's family—everyone was happy. In this book filled with over 120 recipes and stories from her family's farm, Kate McGhie writes with wit and warmth as she explores the foundations and flavor of Australian country cooking, drawing on tradition to present classic, tried and true dishes as well as contemporary interpretations for today's table. Chapters cover soups and starters; vegetables; meat, poultry and fish; fruit; baking; and preserving. Includes dual measures.

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