Antner Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit 8 PCS Premium Stainless Steel Carving Tools for Easily Carve Sculpt Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Antner Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit Material: stainless steel; wood Package includes: 1 x Pumpkin scraper 1 x Pumpkin etching tool 1 x Pumpkin scimitar saw 1 x Pumpkin L-shape serrated 1 x Oblique knife 1 x Flat knife 1 x Triangular knife 1 x Moon curved knife 1 x Zipper canvas storage bag What is essential for Halloween? The pumpkin lantern. What is the fun of the pumpkin lantern? Carving by self, and sharing with family and friends. Why choose "Antner" brand pumpkin carving tool kit? 1. Made of stainless steel, strong and sturdy, can be used year after year 2. 4 pieces double-sided sawtooth tools can cut pumpkins quickly, dig out the pumpkin seeds 3. 4 pieces knife can be used for fine detail sculptings, such as eyes, hair, teeth, and nose 4. Come with storage bag, easy to carry and store 5. Premium after-sales service, buy with confidence, 100% satisfaction guarantee !!!WARNING: These are not toys! Contains SHARP items! Adult supervision is required. Not recommended for children under 9 yrs!!! The Best Wishes From Antner Hope that every customer can enjoy Halloween time. Happy Halloween!!!

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