Anti Inflammatory Diet: 5 Week Anti Inflammatory Diet Plan To Restore Overall Health And Become Free Of Chronic Pain For Life ( Top Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipes, Anti Inflammatory Diet For Dummies)

The Ultimate 5 Week Anti Inflammatory Diet Plan. Have you been looking for a diet that will change your life? The Anti-Inflammatory diet is far from a fad that promises you good looks and a boost in your self-image. Instead, this is a diet that promises to change you from the inside out, so that you can be healthy now and in the future. This book contains all the information you need to know about the anti-inflammatory diet, so that you can start to take full control of your health and wellbeing. It will explain the basics of inflammation, including the root cause and long term effects. It will also let you know what you can do to resolve these issues and live a healthy life. Find out what foods you should be consuming, and in what quantities. Also, discover what nutrients, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory qualities that these foods possess. Knowing these will help you understand why this diet is so important for you. To give you a boost, there is a detailed five-week plan, that will help you handle changes in your day to day behavior, the way you eat your food and how to deal with the mental challenges that you will encounter along the way. This is a comprehensive and detailed guide, designed to make sure that you have the best possible experience on the Ultimate 5-week Anti-inflammatory Plan. Here Is A Brief Preview Of What You'll Learn : • The Basics of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet • Conditions that can be Treated by the Anti-Inflammatory Diet • Essential Foods of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet • Your 5 Week Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan • Essential Recipes and Cooking Tips • Tips To Make It Last Stop Thinking, Take ACTION and Buy This Book!

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