And Then God Made Chocolate!

Sherry-Marie's last four books have brought delicious servings of faith, family, friends, fried chicken, and of course, Southern sass to readers around the world. Now, And Then God Made Chocolate! brings a sweet sensibility to her mix of memoir cookbooks. From encouraging her baby to "dunk" her head into a chocolate birthday cake to indulging in a cozy, relaxing chocolate bath, Sherry-Marie has once again brought lots of "giggles and goodies" into the mix. Get ready to laugh and then be lifted up and encouraged with Sherry-Marie's deep faith that is woven into each chapter's story line. And while there are over sixty recipes that all contain chocolate, there's something for everyone, from triple chocolate desserts to savory dishes requiring just a teaspoon--because, according to Sherry-Marie, sometimes a teaspoon is all you need.

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