All You Frightfully Fun Halloween Handbook

From adorable pumpkin families and classic jack-o-lanterns to down-right scary giant spiders (eek!), the All You Frightfully Fun Halloween Handbook packs in more cute and creepy crafts for tabletops, porches and yards than you'llhave room to display. Kids and adults alike will marvel at the ingenious storybook costumes, like Charlotte the Spider and Curious George, and shiver at the sight of our graveyard-chic décor. The best part? Every idea comes with simple instructions and a clear list of budget-friendly supplies you'll find online or at nearby stores. And since no holiday celebration is complete without delicious food for the whole family, our dozens of recipes for appetizers, main dishes, sides and, of course, desserts, will satisfy even the hungriest vampires or zombies in your brood. We've even included easy-bake treats so you can use up all that leftover candy (Mmmm... Milky Way Pudding!).No matter whether you're gathering toddlers, teens or adults for your annual spookfest, the All You Frightfully Fun Halloween Handbook offers low-cost, big-bang ideas to ensure everyone a hauntingly good time.

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