A Grandmother’s Legacy: a memoir of five generations who lived through the days of the Raj

“I read your manuscript with real interest – there is a true warmth and charm to the book, and the stories behind the recipe names and the dishes themselves are fascinating and full of life. I can see that these recipes are authentic and they sound delicious.”     Natalie Bellos Bloomsbury Books      "It was fascinating, and you’re clearly in possession of a real family treasure – your description of it as a time capsule is also spot-on. I’m grateful to you for sharing it."     Adam Strange Little Brown Book Group      "It is a charmingly put together memoir/recipe book. It is a wonderful family document and deserves to appeal to a new generation."    Eleo GordonRandom House     "It is a lovely mixture of memories and cooking, and fabulous photos."     Nicholas Pearson HarperCollins      "I enjoyed reading your book - you clearly have great passion for exploring your food heritage, and how rewarding it must have been to research and recreate the recipes handed down through your family, which sound both delicious and intriguing."     Ione Walder Quercus Books      "You have done a wonderful job capturing a glimpse of Anglo-Indian culture and cuisine and I have no doubts that many people would turn to your book time and time again. Your recipes look fabulous and I commend your efforts to bring this book to life."   Lisa Ekus  (Cookery/Food Authors Literary Agent)      “One of the tragedies of the 21st century is that we lose the rich traditions of our oral history. The wisdom handed down from generation to generation is often broken and lost as grandparents sporadically communicate with their grandchildren via phone, text messages or skype, rather than spending endless hours planting seeds of sophistication, value and culture of their ancestors in their young minds which often bear fruit only many years later. Jenny has tried to bridge this gap between the traditional and the modern modes of communication by sharing her family history and recipes in this book. It is well presented and interestingly told, intertwined with practical and useful recipes too. If only more women did this, producing delicious food would be a lot easier and the wisdom passed down could possibly make the world a happier place. I would suggest as many people as possible to read, absorb and pass on this book. It is something that every woman can relate to, can learn from and can use, in order to try and leave a lasting legacy behind.”     Jillian Haslam Author, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist & Coach

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