A Chocolate Affair: Mastering Artisan Chocolates in the Home Kitchen

Confectionery is the most demanding of the culinary arts, requiring a level of accuracy unequaled in other areas of the kitchen. Chocolate Tempering is a technique that is used in enrobing, and other applications in chocolate candy making used by professional chocolatiers and Artisan Candy makers.The book is designed for the actual process, simple and straightforward including demystifying tempering techniques and theory.Importantly, tempering can be done with understanding the theory involved and following the principles of warming, cooling, stirring and reheating.The difference between truffles, bonbons, and chocolates can be confusing. These terms are related and often used interchangeably. A bonbon is commonly used in reference to molded chocolates with soft centers. A truffle is a round semi-soft confection surrounded by an outer coating of either tempered chocolate, cocoa powder, or chopped nuts. One similarity that bonbons and truffles have in common is that both are small enough to eaten in one or two bites.The inclusion of "what you should know" helps insure the success of making bonbons, truffles, enrobing chocolates and dipping in tempered chocolate. Learning skills for lining magnetic polycarbonate with cocoa butter design acetate sheets is good to know.The formulas make it easy and fun to create the most delicious, fresh homemade truffles, bonbons, and confections you have ever eaten.

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