8-Piece Universal Knife Edge Guards are More Durable, BPA-Free, Gentle on Your Blades, and Long-Lasting. Noble Home & Chef Knife Covers Are Non-Toxic and Abrasion Resistant! (Knives Not Included)

We all know the best knife is a sharp knife, but honing and sharpening become futile when your knife blades are playing bumper cars in a knife drawer or knife bag! Knife edge guards are highly recommended, if not necessary, for keeping your knives from being dinged, nicked, and dulled while being carried in a knife roll or stored loose in a drawer.Got it. I do need knife covers. So which ones do I get?Well that is the question!It comes down to quality preference! Thin or paper edge guards work for a limited time before the knives cut through them, and you have to purchase again. If you're looking more for a 1-time buy, Noble Home & Chef's edge guards are a high-quality, but cost-efficient solution.Why Noble Home & Chef?We didn't name ourselves Noble for nothing! It is our primary goal to provide you with quality and trustworthy products for your home and kitchen. Our knife sheaths are no exception!What Sets Noble Home & Chef's Edge Guards Apart?Felt-Lined to give your knife blades extra protection, even down to the finishCut-proof materialsThick, high-impact sustainable ABS plasticBPA-Free, non-toxic, making it safer for use with food as opposed to PVCResistant to abrasionsLarger size optionsFit most paring, utility, boning, Santoku, chef, and bread knivesKnife Sheath Dimensions:4.75" x 1" (2)6" X 1" (2)6.25" X 1.25" (1)8.5" X 1.25" (1)8.5" X 2" (1)10.5" x 2.25" (1)Knives Not Included

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