6-Piece Serrated Paring Knife Set. Great For All Kind of Kitchen Prep work, Like Chopping Mincing Dicing. Set Includes One Red, Blue, Yellow, Green,Black and White knives. By ICEL – Light ‘n’ Mighty

Are you looking for the most useful kitchen knife? Then the ICEL straight and serrated Paring knives are your best choice!! Why Paring knife? The ICEL Paring knives are available in straight or serrated. The blade length will usually be 3.25 or 4 Inches.They are useful for anything and everything around your kitchen from small jobs to large commercial style cooking. (If it is a very large quantity we suggest using the Icel chef's knife or Utility knives available here at Amazon)The ICEL paring knives are a great choice for dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing, when you want to get the job done fast and clean. These paring knives have an extra good grip, non-slip handle which will make you feel as though the knife is part of you while the knife will do its job for you. The handle of the ICEL paring knives are designed with great Class, there bright classy eye catching colors will surely enhance the mood in your kitchen.The paring knives are a very Classy and stylish Collection which suits for any occasion and surely a great economical gift idea!! Why ICEL? ICEL has been chosen by professionals since 1945 for its top Quality, Razor sharp and durable knives. ICEL is counted as one of the top brands in kitchen knives.ICEL produces the knives the way you would expect, with all features in it. ICEL backs their knives with their slogan"We Place Value in Your Hands". ICEL is involved in keeping our environment clean and safe while working to bring you the old Class and Quality together with today's modern technology!! What about Quality? This ICEL knife is made from the best steel available for kitchen knives. It is made of European high carbon stainless steel, a rust and stain free material, that last for ages. Hurry up try and love Yours!!

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