39 Low Sodium Juice Recipes: Reduce the Amount of Salt You Consume Using Organic Ingredients that Taste Great

39 Low Sodium Juice Recipes: Reduce the Amount of Salt You Consume Using Organic Ingredients that Taste GreatBy Joe Correa CSN Sodium is a mineral naturally found in foods and one of the essential minerals in the human body. It plays the important role of balancing fluids in the body and regulating muscle contraction. It's often added to some highly processed foods to increase flavor, retain moisture, and extend shelf-life.However, too much sodium can have devastating effects on the human body and lead to hypertention, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks. That's why a perfect sodium balance is an extremely important part of every healthy diet.The main source of sodium in your everyday diet is salt. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the amounts of salt they consume every day. Some statistics suggest that the average American eats five or even more teaspoons of salt every single day which is about 20 times more than what the body actually needs. This results in holding the excess fluid in the body which creates a significant burden on the heart followed by serious, life-threatening conditions.Fortunately, this problem can easily be solved through a healthy diet and some small changes that will keep your health and well-being in check. Following a low-sodium diet means reducing the amounts of salt in your everyday meals which can easily be done while cooking. The actual problem lies in buying highly processed foods that often contain some ridiculously high amounts of salt. Make sure to check the nutrition labels of the foods you’re buying when you go to the supermarket.Adopting these healthy habits will reduce fluid accumulation in your body and ease the job of the kidneys which will result in significantly improved overall health.Being someone who is focused on health and well-being, I have been looking for the best way to clean my body and flush down all the unhealthy substances from my body. This book is a result of that research and personal experience.This book is a wonderful collection of low-sodium juice recipes that I like to prepare for myself and I am sure you will enjoy.These juices are a true nutritional treasure that will help your body clean itself and give you a nice boost of vitamins and minerals, while being low-sodium at the same time. Enjoy them all and see the results they have on your health. You deserve it!

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