365 Days of Delicious & Healthy Smoothies: 365 Smoothie Recipes To Last You For A Year

Do you want to join the Smoothie Revolution? Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness freak, who’s been making smoothie for years, you’ll find some of the most delicious and simple smoothie recipes in this book. This Book Will Help You: • With over 365 delicious smoothie recipes to last you for an entire year • Learn how to pick the right ingredient combinations for your smoothies • Teach you how to pick the right blender for your smoothies •Discover how to use your blender to make the perfect smoothies that don’t clump up and leave you in a mess •How to prepare your ingredients My Smoothie Guide Also Addresses Questions Like: • What is the right ratio of ingredients to make tasty smoothies? •What are the correct proportions of ingredients to use for weigh/fat loss? • Is fresh always best for making smoothies? •What are some of the nutritional benefits of the ingredients you put in your smoothie? What Some People Say About Me: “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from Jen is that smoothie making is as much of an art as it is a science. Smoothie making is about discovering what your preferences are and working on it to make your perfect smoothie.” Eden Hartmann, Executive Pastry Chef “What I love about Jennifer’s classes is her passion for teaching. She has given me a lot of confidence when it comes to making smoothies.” Mellissa Hertz, marathoner "While Jen’s experience and knowledge of making smoothies is what created this book. Her passion for teaching is what makes it a priceless resource for making smoothies." Mary Onozawa, triathlete A Personal Note From the Author Making smoothies has always been one of my biggest passions. I’ve been making smoothies for quite some time now and I realize that it’s the perfect intersection of my passion for fitness and my work as a pastry chef. Smoothies have made a very big impact in life and it has helped me make healthier choices. My goal is to make smoothie making accessible to you by giving you a year’s worth of smoothie recipes. No recipe is set in stone but with this book I’m hoping to guide you with some unique flavor combinations that you might enjoy. Hopefully you can start making smoothies that are perfect for you.

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