350 Best Salads and Dressings

Easy-to-prepare recipes for great salads and delicious dressings. The recipes from this book will encourage the home cook to never again purchase store-bought salads and dressings -- and to toss out those ancient jars and bottles at the back of the refrigerator. There are more than 200 easy-to-follow recipes for delicious salads and, because every proper salad should be well dressed, more than 150 dressing recipes, too. From delightful starters to main meals unto themselves, there are salads for every season and occasion. They include: Asparagus and bacon salad Brown Derby cobb salad Pesto coleslaw Garlic greens with raspberries Potato radish salad Salad Niçoise And tantalizing dressings, such as: Asian all-purpose dressing Fresh orange French dressing Roasted honey garlic dressing Fat-free zesty herb dressing Tomato basil dressing A comprehensive listing of oils, vinegars, spices and herbs complements the recipes. Everything needed to create the ultimate salad and its dressing is found right here.

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